Student Parent Wellness Program flyer

Student Parent Wellness Program

As student parents, you’re extremely busy managing caregiving responsibilities, academic courses, personal situations, and providing for the needs of your families.  This program is an opportunity to focus on YOUR WELLNESS!

The UC Davis Student Parent Wellness program aims to nurture student parents’ wellbeing by providing prepared meals, nutrition workshops and consultations, supervised children’s activities, and a customized fitness class.  By having the time and resources to concentrate on your holistic wellbeing, you’ll feel centered and balanced in your family and academic life.

Now accepting applications for the UC Davis Student Parent Wellness program!  Apply through the online application!  Applications are due by Monday, October 9, 2023 by 11:59pm.

For complete details, visit the Transfer and Reentry Center website.  Program funded through an Equity in Mental Health Grant from Healthy UC Davis.