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Student Parent Working Group

The Student Parent Working Group is a collective of campus units dedicated to supporting student parents thrive at the University of California, Davis, a commitment aligned with our individual departmental missions. To amplify our efforts, this collective aims to streamline resources and advocacy efforts for student parents. We define student parents as undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who play a primary role in caring for children, this includes guardians, older siblings, foster parents, and others who fulfill similar responsibilities. Our offices provide programming and direct services to student parents, along with managing the student parent website, coordinating assessment efforts, and convening the Student Parent Advisory Board.

Transfer and Reentry Center

The Transfer and Reentry Center (TRC) is the official transfer center for all of nearly eight-thousand transfer and reentry students at UC Davis. The TRC assists all transfer students (junior college or community college to UC Davis, UC to UC Davis, out of state to UC Davis) and reentry students (+25 and/or student parents).

Programs sponsored by the TRC include Reentry Student Orientation, First Year Aggie Connection for Reentry Students, social programs, peer support groups, and referrals to on and off campus services. The TRC has also developed a Student Parent Manual for undergraduate student parents to develop goals, reflect on progress, learn about the experience of other student parents, and find resources. You can access a copy of the manual on the TRC website.

Women's Resources and Research Center

The Women’s Resources and Research Center (WRRC) challenges all forms of oppression, through the lens of gender equity. The WRRC provides education, advocacy, resources, and a safe space that centers the experiences of womxn, transgender, femme, and nonbinary individuals.

The WRRC employs a Graduate and Student Parent Outreach Coordinator position; open to all graduate students at UC Davis. Addiitional resources provided by the WRRC include the Student Parent Closet (free diapers, wipes, and other supplies) and programming for families and parents.

Student Parent Advisory Board

The Student Parent Advisory Board is a broader group of stakeholders and advocates for student parent issues at UC Davis. The Board elevates up and out student parent concerns and helps to foster a collaborative approach to building a family friendly campus. This group is convened by members of the Student Parent Working Group.

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