Student and child at graduation

Academic Support and Leave Options

Learn about academic policies and temporary leave options specific to student parents to ensure that you personalize your educational plan in the way that best meets your needs.  Note that not all students choose to take a leave; students are encouraged to consider all possible options.
  • Email Templates for Reaching Out to Professors
    Some student parents find it useful to reach out to the professors teaching their courses at the beginning of each quarter to introduce themselves as student parents, be proactive in preparing for the quarter, and discuss strategies for success and flexibility.  Here are templates you can use to model your communications with your professors.
  • Family & Medical Leave for Funded Graduate Students
    Information on taking Family & Medical Leave for funded graduate students.
  • Guidelines for Student Parents with Children on Campus
    These guidelines offer information and considerations on bringing children to campus.
  • Part-time status application
    Students may petition for approval of Part-Time status for a minimum of one and a maximum of three consecutive regular terms (Fall, Winter, Spring). Successive petitions are permitted.
  • Planned Educational Leave Program
    The Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP) allows any continuing undergraduate or graduate level student to temporarily suspend academic work at UC Davis. Undergraduates may take may take one PELP leave of up to three consecutive quarters during their academic career at UC Davis. For graduate students, the maximum leave is up to one year.
  • Priority Registration for Student Parents and Caregivers for Adult Family Members (only undergraduate students)
    Undergraduate students with dependent children and students who are caregivers for adult family members can apply to receive priority registration. Visit the Transfer and Reentry Center website for more details or to apply.
  • Tutoring
    Information on tutoring services for undergraduate students.