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Financial Support and Scholarships

Resources for financial support including grants, scholarships, community programs, and the Student Parent Closet, which offers free diapers, wipes, and other supplies.
  • General Resources

  • UC Davis Programs

  • Aggie Compass
    • The Aggie Compass is a space to learn about basic needs resources, including grocery pick up, CalFresh, and housing assistance. They also offer a 24-hour crisis line, basic needs grants, and connections to community organizations.
  • Alternative Budget Form (undergraduate only)
    • The Financial Aid and Scholarships office offers loans to help [undergraduate] students who have dependent children and related child care expenses. Applicants with dependent children age 18 and under, may submit an Alternate Budget Request Form for review.
    • Childcare Grants
      • UC Davis offers various opportunities for assistance with childcare expenses. The funds have different criteria, application processes, and forms of support.
    • UC SHIP Dependent Coverage
      • Undergraduate, Graduate and Professional students who are enrolled in UC SHIP have the option to enroll eligible dependents in a voluntary plan.
    • Community Programs

    • CalWORKs
      • CalWORKs is a public assistance program that provides cash aid and services to eligible families that have a minor child(ren) in the home. The program serves all 58 counties in the state and is operated locally in Yolo County by the Health and Human Services Agency.  CalWORKS can help with multiple needs, including childcare, housing, clothing, medical care, food, and utilities.
    • Car Seat Safety Program
      • Low cost car seats, assistance with car seat installation, car seat recycling.
    • Children's Home Society Child Care Payment Program
      • The Child Care Payment Program (CCPP) provides subsidized child care services to eligible families through general Alternative Payment and CalWORKs funding.
    • Summer Meal Sites in Yolo County
      • List of schools sites in Yolo County where children 18 and under can receive meal packages that include free lunch and breakfast for the following day by in-person walk-ups or drive-thru.
    • WIC Program
      • WIC helps offers support for pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding parents, infants, and children under 5 which includes funds for families to purchase healthy foods and individual breastfeeding support. Services are available in English and Spanish.


    • UC Davis

    • Crankstart Transfer Scholarship (undergraduate only)
      • The Crankstart Foundation is the charitable organization of Michael and Harriet Moritz. In October 2019 the Crankstart Foundation awarded a grant to UC Davis to support transfer scholarships.
      • Osher Reentry Scholarship (undergraduate only)
        • The Bernard Osher Foundation, in recognition of the value of the UC Davis Reentry Program, has established a $1 million endowment to support scholarships for students 25–50 years old.
      • National

      • Jeanette Rankin Women's Scholarship Fund (undergraduate only)
        • For women who are age 35 and older, low income, US citizen or permanent resident, and enrolled at an accredited higher education institution (pursuing a technical, vocational, associate's or bachelor's degree)
      • Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation
        • For women who are age 17 and older, low income, mothers with minor children, and enrolled at an accredited higher education institution
      • Raise the Barr (undergraduate only)
        • Raise The Barr’s scholarships support costs associated with the pursuit of career-track higher education for single parents in Minnesota and California, including child care and early childhood development education payments for their children.
      • Soroptimist Scholarship (undergraduate only)
        • Soroptimist's Live Your Dream Awards program is a unique education grant for women who provide the primary financial support for their families. Live Your Dream Awards recipients may use the cash award to offset any costs associated with their efforts to attain higher education, such as books, childcare, tuition and transportation.