Picture of Starr (UC Davis student) and Santana
Starr (UC Davis student) and Santana

Student Parent Profile: Starr

Major: Political Science Public Service
Transferred to UC Davis from Diablo Valley College
Expected graduation Spring 2022

Family members: Gonsalo (Significant Other), Santana (age 1)

About the kids: Favorite food: tamales, yogurt, bananas. Hobbies: practicing walking, dancing, reading with mom. Toys: Blocks, slinky, remote control

Favorite course: SOC 150 Criminology 

Most rewarding aspect of being a student parent: knowing I am building a better future for my daughter. 

Most challenging aspect of being a student parent: balancing being an engaged mother and a focused student. 

Reflections on the experience: When it was time for me to choose a university to transfer to, I wanted a school that was not too far from my family and had a good reputation. UC Davis met every requirement I wanted in a school. I knew UC Davis well, as my brother had attended, and I knew the city. I was not sure if I could still go to university when I got pregnant shortly after transferring, but I persevered and am going to graduate on time from UC Davis.

Advice for other student parents: The advice I have for student parents is to take advantage of resources offered from the school you are attending. Many schools, like Davis, have things like diaper closets and grants specifically for student parents and these resources have been very helpful to me.

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